Winter Snow Hat Cake by Caking Kid 2

If I had to pick one word to describe my Caking Kid 2.0 it would be vivacious.  She is SO full of life, and adds a splash of color wherever she goes. She has always been creative, very imaginative and when she sits still long enough, she can crank out some impressive little drawings.  A while back she told me about a cake she wanted me to make, and I told her that she could sketch it out and we would make it together.  She did a really hurried sketch right then, and asked when we could get started!  Well, we finally made the cake last week, and the finished product is probably one of the cutest little cakes I’ve ever seen!! It just makes me smile every time I see it.  She took to cake decorating like a little pro, and I think this kiddo of mine has a career in the cake world someday if she wants it!

Snow hat Christmas Holiday cake, first fondant cake

As you all know we love us some Kara’s Couture Cakes, and we watched her make this beautiful Wafer Snow on her Live Facebook broadcasts a couple of times and knew it would be perfect on this little winter snow hat.  We think it came out perfectly! Not to mention, it’s also SUPER easy to make. You can watch us make it here on our Facebook Page.  It’s just so pretty and adds a softness to the cake.

Snow hat Christmas Holiday cake, first fondant cake

When we finished the cake, I had one proud girl in my kitchen.  The only two people she wanted to send a picture of the cake to was “Miss Kara and Aunt NeeNee (my sister)!”.  I was told that everyone else had to wait until I could take good pictures with a “real” camera. So, ONLY Miss Kara and Aunt Renee got phone pictures that night, while the rest of the world had to wait to see this cuteness overload.  These special ladies enthusiastic responses made my girl’s day!!  I think she walked around with a grin on her face the rest of the night.

Snow hat Christmas Holiday cake, first fondant cake

The next day when I posted the cake on our Facebook page, the amount of shares, likes and comments sent my girl over the moon!!! It is still getting likes today, and it’s pretty easy to see why! This cake is freakin’ adorable, and… an 8 year old designed and made it!  She has been so inspired by this experience that she is already designing a cake for Valentines Day. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with!!

Snow hat Christmas Holiday cake, first fondant cake

Want to watch her make this adorable cake with the help of Caking Mom? A video is below along with links to the pans, tools and a video to the fondant recipe we used to make this winter snow hat cake.  We hope you will use this as inspiration to get in the kitchen and make some sweet memories with the ones you love!

-Caking Mom and Caking Kid 2



My Go to Fondant Recipe by Liz Marek over at Artisan Cake Company and Sugar Geek Show!


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