We’re BACK!!!

Wowzers, have we had a busy few months with lots of unexpected events for our family. I never planned to go this long without a blog post or new YouTube video for you guys.  I could spend this entire post telling you all about our crazy few months, but rather than bore you with all of that, I’ll just tell you about all of the fun things we accomplished! 🙂

First off, the Caking Kids collected donations for the Louisiana Flood Victims.  The kiddos saw a picture that Cake Fest posted on Facebook showing all of the devastation in their area, and they immediately wanted to help. We worked with Cake Fest’s very own Donna Vizina and she offered to take care of handing out all the items that we collected.  We were able to send off a huge box of items that the people in our local town donated, and Donna sent the kids a picture of their City Councilwoman with all of the donations.  It was wonderful for the kids to experience what it is like to truly give back to those in need.  We hope to do more things like this in the future.  There is always something that we can do for others.

City Councilwoman with Donations

A few short weeks after we collected items for the Flood Victims, Caking Kid 2 decided to make a donation of another kind.  That little firecracker decided it was time to cut off her VERY long hair, and she made a donation of over 15 inches of hair to a wonderful organization called Children with Hair Loss.


Finally, after all of this, it was time for a HUGE surprise that I have had planned since April of this year! Both of my kids are big Carrie Underwood fans, but Caking Kid 2 probably knows every word to every one of her songs. No, I’m not exaggerating. So on the morning of September 22, I gave her the surprise of her life when I told her I had tickets to the concert that night! 🙂  We had a fantastic time, and I was given more thank you hugs than I could count. We left that arena with huge smiles on our faces, no voices and totally exhausted from all the fun. Talk about making memories!


Now, we THINK things are settling down a bit, and we will once again be back in the kitchen making some tasty treats to share with you all.  We also have our first ever Caking with the Kids Cake Classes coming up!  The kids are so excited, and hoping for a good turnout. Stay tuned for those details soon. 🙂

We hope everyone is having a beautiful fall so far!  Stay tuned because we’ve got lots to share over the next few months.

‘Caking Mom

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